London 2038 is a private server fan project:

  • You are signing up to participate in an open alpha test.
  • Stability and uptime are not guaranteed.
  • You must own the retail game to play.
  • Your characters may be wiped at any time.
  • Your primary responsibility is testing the game and reporting your findings.
  • You are not entitled to anything in any way, shape, or form when participating in the open alpha.
London 2038 Beta Signup

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You understand and agree that the current state of the game you will be testing may change at any moment, critical bugs may exist, data may be lost, the server may be down at any time, and that the purpose of this test is to determine areas for fixes and improvements rather than purely to play Hellgate again.

By submitting this form you wholly agree to the Beta Terms and Conditions here and understand the consequences for breaking those terms.